Carpet is a big industry, here is a look at our processes. 


  • This method is used for low pile carpet with average soils or for customers who prefer minimal water on the carpet
  • A solution is presprayed on the carpet and left to dwell for five to fifteen minutes
  • With a rotating brush, the solution is massaged in to the carpet
  • The solution breaks down and encapsulates soils as well as deodorizes
  • After a few times vacuuming, all soils are removed

Hot Water Extraction

  • Hot water extraction is typically used for heavily soiled and medium to high pile carpet
  • Pre-spray is applied that breaks down soil and degreases (fifteen minutes of dwell time)
  • The carpet is then hot water extracted - A solution with a rinsing agent is sprayed down at approximately 300 psi and simultaneously vacuumed up. (the rinsing agent deactivates the prespray and also deodorizes if necessary)
  • A second rinsing pass is made to ensure all dirt is removed

*Stain removal is also an option. We use an oxygen-based cleansing agent that can remove anything from red wine to pet stains.


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